Dienstag, 11. Oktober 2016

Welcome to Farewell

I assume you are ready
to know about secrets
to be sweet

It's always a call
to rock shut
to be about swallowed
smelling warm soil in a fox's den
mothers loving tongue

permeated with function
the beauty of chimera
a gift from the past
perceiving form
feeling light

Here it is
my unborn immortality
leaves its shrine
realities becoming somethings
and somethings don't matter
when it's about soul
the universe slides from your side
still expands within
sounds like

„I am your valuable“
„I always was“
„You know us“

leaving last stand gravity
coming to comfort
then unique peace
white noise Babel
fades to nothing
a soft stone
just skin

It's you in the first row
the very last curtain
and all burdens of life
mere illusion

still it's all true
in the end
when it comes to conclusion
and light doesn't matter

for sure
in perfect condition
I am

2016, for the Movie "Welcome to Farewell" by Specter Berlin.